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The multifaceted Suresh Jaura
By: CanIndia News Service
Who's Who
Vaastu gives us useful and practical tips on how to create a healthy and harmonious living and work environment. It offers suggestions for placement of plant and machinery, office equipment, and furniture. It also gives ideas on harmonizing colours and materials.
A Vaastu consultant can be helpful to you in making necessary modifications in your existing work and living environment. He can also advise you in case of new constructions or prior to buying an existing condominium or house,"" reads the website of Suresh Jaura, a Vaastu Consultant and an Associate Broker with New Ventures and the man behind The South Asian Outlook, an independent e-Monthly.

Suresh Jaura who started his career with Air India in New Delhi left India in 1978 for Saudi Arabia and later headed to Dubai. In Dubai he worked with Philippine airlines and also represented a Management College, based in U.K., which offered long distance teaching program. In between he kept visiting Canada off and on but never dreamt of migrating. ""We had a wonderful life in Dubai. It is close to India and one can enjoy the best of east and west. The whole atmosphere is very relaxed,"" says Suresh. Life was sailing smoothly till the two children grew up and a need for their further education was felt.

Suresh adds, "Everything is fine in Dubai except that the government doesn't give you permanent residency. Most of the people from Middle East migrate to other countries chiefly for their children's education." Hence in 1986 Suresh decided to file for Canadian immigration and got it in 1987. Initially he came to Canada all by himself, the family stayed behind in Dubai. Suresh wanted to assess the situation in Canada, at the same time he desired to continue his job in Dubai. But once he stayed in Canada for three weeks the conditions here made him ponder whether he should bring the family to Canada immediately or wait for a while. He opted for the first choice and soon the family also came to Canada.

In Toronto Suresh Jaura began his life working in the airline/travel industry.  One day he went to see a house, which he wanted to buy for the family, with a Real Estate agent. The agent showed him the place in a great hurry and was not competent in handling him. This left a bad impression in the mind of Suresh who at that point resolved to become a Realtor and deal with the clients more professionally. He attended the prescribed courses to start his career in real estate business.  In 1989 he got his licence, first for  Salesperson and then for Broker and since then he has been working as an Associate Broker.

The interesting tilt in his life towards Vaastu came when while working in real estate field he came across Chinese real estate agent who practiced Feng Shui. When they used to go to see the places, sometimes they would not enter the premises and would walk out immediately. On being questioned by Suresh for such behaviour they explained that according to Feng Shui the places were not worthwhile. Later in one of his trips to India, Suresh met an architect who had 35 years experience in architecture. The architect believed in the principles of Vaastu Shastra and the same he apprised to Suresh. Surprisingly enough even the architect had discovered Vaastu in Russia and Germany and not in India. At that turn of life Suresh decided to learn Vaastu and in 1994 he returned to India to study the art of Vaastu. He made several short visits to New Delhi and quenched his thirst of learning Vaastu. Today he talks about Vaastu to anyone who is interested in it. Suresh chuckles, "There are more non-South Asians who are keen to know about Vaastu. Sometimes when I raise the topic among the South Asians they say that their grand - parents used to follow it. Vaastu was not in vogue even in India till recently.

Now many big business houses and people try to incorporate it in their homes and offices." In the meantime Suresh had started writing on Vaastu in 'India Journal' and in October 1999 he was interviewed by Toronto Star. How does Vaastu come in play when the houses are already constructed?

Suresh replies, "The knowledge of Vaastu begins even before one starts constructing the house. When the potential buyer goes to see a piece of land he has to ensure that its shape and size are correct and location is good. This is done in order to get the best results. But for the readymade condos and offices in Canada we can't do much structural changes. The best we can do are physical adjustments, like changing the use of rooms or the placement of furniture. We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility but 50% influence of negative forces can be curtailed."

Having done this much Suresh was not contented. He wanted to try his luck in media. He is deeply involved in an on-line magazine which he brings out under the name of South Asian Outlook. The e-monthly is by South Asians for South Asians living in South Asia, people of South Asian origin who are settled in different parts of the world and for all those who are interested in the rich cultural heritage of South Asia, its diversity, its complexity and its vitality. The idea for bringing out this magazine took birth when in Canada Suresh saw the state of ethnic media. He didn't come across any standard ethnic print media. Most of them except for few carried substantial ads but little constructive matter. Besides he wanted to see the comfort level of the readers. The readers could read the magazine leisurely at home on their internets. The other important factor for going on-line was to have worldwide circulation. The magazine is brought out by the efforts of a group of people based in South Asian countries, UK, Germany, USA and Trinidad. It carries  news and views and also provides a reference for South Asian on various subjects, including but not limited to, arts and culture,  fashion, entertainment, movies etc which interest the South Asian readers.

Having lived in India, Middle East and now in Canada, Suresh feels comfortable in Canada. He says, "Unlike my wife who still pines for Dubai I've kept my past aside and have adapted very well to new environment."" He finds Canada better than Middle East as the country gives more flexibility, but at the same time misses the relaxed atmosphere of Dubai. Suresh believes that it is better to come to Canada in younger age as one learns to adjust to the Canadian way of life faster in youth. He feels sour over the immigration policy, the way new immigrants are treated once they land here. He says, "There is a big immigration scam going on. Imagine calling people based on their professional qualifications and then not letting them work in their profession because of lack of Canadian experience. This is absurd.

If this had happened in a third world country the Canadians would point fingers to them, but they overlook their own system." According to Suresh with the globalization of economy, the work culture has become same everywhere. There may be minor differences in job approach but once a person has worked in a bank or in other profession in India or elsewhere he can work here too. He also highlights the misuse of the system where some communities like Chinese come to Canada on business visa and get citizenship. They leave behind their children and work in other countries where they are highly paid. These people do not pay the taxes and enjoy the benefits of their citizenship. In comparison the system is unjust for those who come on point system, change their professions in Canada, pay taxes and at the end of the day feel cheated. Even the South Asian children who have studied here face racism. While South Asians working in mainstream companies don't get promoted as quickly as their white counterparts. Suresh thinks it will take at least ten to fifteen years for the system to change.

Having three different professions, Suresh sighs that he wished that there were forty hours in day. His wife works in a bank and two children aged 25 and 28 years are also working.

If anyone is interested in learning about Vaastu one can contact Suresh Jaura at his website www.Vaastu.net. His real estate website is www.ListandBuy.com .
Date Published: 11/20/2003 4:14:02 PM


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