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The designing of the home, business or industrial unit, based on the Vaastu principles, is very important to get the best out of living space and work environment.

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The proper location of various facilities like

Entrance     Kitchen      Living Room       Dining Room
Master Bed Room      Bed Rooms       Guest Room
Study Room      Storage

in the home may add to the well-being of the owners / occupants of the home, and may help avoid possible problems.

At business or industrial unit, it is important to locate offices, storage, plant, machinery etc in proper direction, considering the complex, which may help in the smooth running of the business, and may avoid financial loss.

In the case of an existing home, business or industrial unit, interior can be suitably altered, structurally, if possible, or by setting of the furniture, changing offices, use of rooms etc.


In Vaastu Shastra, selection of colours is important. Colours are most powerful in influencing the human mind and body. Colours can change the visual size and shape of a room as well as add warmth, vitality, and beauty to it.

In the vedic period, all colours were taken out from vegetables and flowers, which were more permanent in shade, soothing to the eye and had natural tint. Even now in many parts of the world, vegetable colours are used particulary in textile printing and making design, minitaure painting, ceramics etc.

A VAASTU CONSULTANT can give useful and practical tips on how to create a healthy and harmonious living and work environment.


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