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Ancient sages believed that Vaastu Purusha, the Demi God, exists in each and every plot, with his head placed on the north-east side of the plot and the folded legs in the south-west.

Vaastu Parusha

Consequently, the north-east portion of the site has assumed a sacred status and is given a great deal of importance during planning.


Vaastu Shastra gives directions as to how a plot of land should be chosen, the size of the plot, its location  and in designing of the home, office, factory, the direction from which the entrance to building is.

The best shape of a plot is square or rectangular. A triangular site or one with an odd number of sides is to be strictly avoided, though this can be amended by adding a small additional side. A four-sided site, tapering to North East is the best site. A site is considered propitious that drains water from the south-west to the north-east.

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